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Welcome to Engineering at The Open University.

If you already work in an engineering environment, you will know that the term encompasses a huge range of specialisms, and within each specialism a wide range of activities. You may also know that a career in engineering can be immensely stimulating, challenging and rewarding. Whether you are looking to sign up for a degree, a diploma or a single module, we think you will find your studies with us both useful and enjoyable.

Engineering has been defined as “the application of scientific knowledge to the solution of practical problems”. This definition implies many things: that a broad range of knowledge is needed (practical problems are rarely one-dimensional); that the mere possession of a body of knowledge is not enough in itself – solving problems requires imagination and the mental agility to find the best angle from which to work; and that the engineer’s motivation is to innovate for the sake of making things better.

Our engineering teaching recognizes this. We are just as focused on helping you to acquire or enhance your learning and thinking skills and your desire to keep on learning as we are on presenting factual information. We maintain the freshness and relevance of our teaching by continually reviewing and revising our material. Our academics are involved in research at the forefront of their subjects, and we make use of the latest developments in information technology to enrich the learning experiences we offer, for instance by developing interactive online activities or by providing online spaces for students to work together and comment on each other’s ideas.

Engineering is done in a social context and is nearly always a team effort. We help you to develop as an ethically responsible professional, equipped with the co-operation and communication skills needed to be an effective engineer. We are very proud that our engineering qualifications have been accredited and recognized by the professional engineering institutions under the Engineering Council regulations.

We hope that you do decide to study with us and enjoy the flexibility and support that the OU provides.

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Jan Kowal
Director of Teaching
School of Engineering & Innovation